Who we are

EDAI is a dedicated non-profit organization specializing in Neurodevelopment and Mental Health.

We oversee comprehensive Early Years clinical services, alongside Neurodevelopment and Mental Health Centres tailored for Children, Adolescents, and Families.

Our commitment goes beyond individual care; we spearhead health and social initiatives that are grounded in community involvement and upheld by scientific and technical precision.

At EDAI, our mission transcends boundaries. We advocate for societal well-being and advancement through a blend of expert clinical practice, advanced training, in-depth research, and the dissemination of knowledge.

Further showcasing our commitment, EDAI has pioneered a groundbreaking initiative. As a socially conscious enterprise, we prioritize premium services supported by sustainable resources and a vast international network.

The Team

What We Offer

Clinical Services

EDAI is a distinguished entity focused on Neurodevelopment and Mental Health, managing clinical services for Early Care, Childhood, Adolescence, and Families for over 15 years. We operate 4 clinical centers in Barcelona and Madrid, with service management contracts for Early Care with the Departament de Drets Socials of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Consejería de Políticas Sociales y Familia of the Comunidad de Madrid.

We held clinical and social projects in collaboration with the Ajuntament de Barcelona, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, and the Fundació la Caixa, among others. Since 2006, we’ve served over 15,000 children and families. Our multidisciplinary team consists of 40 professionals, including neuropediatricians, neuropsychologists, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists, and social workers.


The EDAI School, through its clinical professionals and esteemed international collaborators, offers specialized courses in neurodevelopment and mental health. These courses often present groundbreaking content with a focus on promoting evidence-based practices. Our aim is to continually enhance the skills of professionals in healthcare, social, and educational sectors, as well as support clinical services and families alike. Our emphasis is on innovation, and we prioritize making resources more accessible to both families and professionals.

We foster a culture of knowledge-sharing, aiming to improve the quality of care in the realm of child and adolescent neurodevelopment and mental health. We are committed to delivering high-quality educational content that is both relevant and practical, catering to those keen on deepening their understanding and skills in this crucial field.

Innovation & Research

At EDAI, innovation and research are at the forefront of our operations. While our foundation lies in clinical services, our distinct edge is our unwavering drive to transcend the present, pushing boundaries and envisioning a better, more efficient future through pioneering innovation. Our steadfast commitment to the evidence-based model reinforces our clinical services, ensuring they’re both current and effective. We proudly support and allocate resources to various scientific projects—whether they’re integrated within our clinical services, like ROM (routine monitoring outcomes) and some effectivity clinical studies.

Our global recognition is reflected in initiatives like the EDAI International Conference Awards at the EDAI International Conference and our consistent presence in international congresses where we share our accomplishments and knowledge. Through these endeavors, we aim to perpetually evolve, enhancing our services and contributing significantly to the global discourse on Neurodevelopment and Mental Health.

We are deeply committed to social well-being and progress; our vision is to support the most disadvantaged and contribute to forging a society that is more thoughtful, aware, ethical, and empowered. We aspire to be agents of change, driving the social transformation of all stakeholders within our specific context.

At EDAI, our mission is deeply rooted in our commitment to social well-being and progress. We aim to serve and uplift the most disadvantaged, envisioning a society that’s more reflective, conscious, ethical, and empowered. By offering specialized clinical services in Neurodevelopment and Mental Health for children, adolescents, and families, we’re dedicated to ensuring everyone receives the care they deserve. Moreover, through the EDAI School, we seek to elevate professionals in healthcare, social, and educational sectors with groundbreaking courses and knowledge, ensuring they’re equipped to provide the best care and support. As we bridge the gap between care, education, and societal needs, we position ourselves as leading agents of change and transformation in our domain, fostering a blend of expert clinical practice, advanced training, and research with a focus on global knowledge dissemination and digital innovation..

Development; ethics; innovation, social welfare; children’s rights; community support; quality and excellence; meritocracy; modernity; cultural mix; professional experience; arts and design to transform society; support for the most disadvantaged; emotional intelligence; respect and empathy; sustainability and corporate social responsibility; animal welfare; nature; gender equality; disruptive.