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Dive into the EDAI School of Neurodevelopment and Mental Health, where innovation meets practical wisdom. Drawing from the renowned EDAI model, we bring you unparalleled training experiences, bridging cutting-edge insights with real-world expertise. Learn from top clinicians and researchers, with the best, to become a top professional, and stand apart in a world of generic learning.

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4th EDAI International Conference 2025

Innovations on Autism interventions by Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault

EDAI Symposium on Autism and Neurodevelopment

Transforming Clinical Insights in Mental Health and Neurodevelopment through the ROM Model

EDAI Symposium




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EDAI International

Conferences pioneering Neurodevelopment Mental Health.


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EDAI’s courses blend cutting-edge practices with practical applications, setting a new bar for educational excellence in mental health and neurodevelopment.

Berta Garcia

With a hands-on approach and evidence-based curriculum, EDAI’s courses equip professionals with the tools to make a real-world impact in mental health.

Marta Vilella

EDAI stands out with their expert-curated content that transforms theoretical knowledge into impactful teaching strategies in neurodevelopment.

Marc Sala

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