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Quality Policy



Associació EDAI aims and purposes to protect minors and their families. In this sense, it aims to contribute to the mental health and social well-being of children, adolescents, and families, making assistance more accessible, if necessary, to social groups facing difficulties in accessing it. Prevention will guide all assistance activities. For this reason, and to achieve these objectives, cooperation will be promoted with Health, Education, and Social Services professionals, as well as with institutions specialized in the care and assistance of children, adolescents, and their families. Research and investigation will be promoted as tools for understanding the difficulties and conflicts within our scope of action, as well as resources and techniques to address them and improve their quality and usage. Likewise, training and educational activities directed at socio-healthcare professionals, as well as continuous training for non-university teaching staff, will be promoted. Profit-seeking intentions are excluded.

Associació EDAI wishes to explicitly state its defense of ethical and behavioral codes, both internally in labor relations and in its relationship with users, who may be vulnerable due to age, social status, and/or health, and generally with society. With EDAI personnel, promoting quality circles in labor relations. With users, emphasizing their values and preferences and not discriminating under any circumstances based on gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, values, religion, etc. With society, positioning the Associació as an agent of change in the direction of progress and community improvement, and ensuring the maximum social return and sustainability of all its actions.


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