EDAI Les Corts-Sarrià

Vilamur 15







Welcome to EDAI Les Corts-Sarrià, nestled right in the heart of Les Corts—one of Barcelona’s most historic districts with remnants dating back to the 2nd century BC. The name 'Les Corts', derived from Latin, reflects its origins: lands and rustic houses, echoing the farmhouses that once adorned this area. This rich heritage is something it shares with neighboring Sarrià and Vallvidrera, Tibidabo, and Les Planes—the other zones served by the center.

Today, the spirit of these districts remains vibrant, characterized by close-knit family life, harmonious living, and the solidarity of its residents. And at EDAI, we mirror this sense of community, helding the early years public service (CDIAP EDAI Les Corts Sarrià) with our multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing expert care and services, reflecting the warmth, history, and communal bond of the neighborhoods we serve.