EDAI Sant Martí

Dr. Zamenhof 18






Welcome to EDAI Sant Martí, beautifully situated in the district of Sant Martí—a unique area that embodies both the rich history and the forward-looking vision of Barcelona. The district is a mosaic of contrasts: from the original core of the ancient village of Sant Martí de Provençals to neighborhoods like La Verneda, La Pau, Provençals del Poblenou, and El Besòs i el Maresme. It's also home to Barcelona’s newest emerging area: Diagonal Mar and Front Marítim del Poblenou, which are still shaping their identity. These evolving neighborhoods have recently welcomed numerous young families with small children.

At our freshly renovated and expansive EDAI Sant Martí venue, we're thrilled to host the Early Years public service (CDIAP EDAI Sant Martí), reflecting our commitment to community growth. Our multidisciplinary team is here, embodying the spirit of Sant Martí—blending tradition with innovation—to provide dedicated care and services for the families we serve.