New Group Therapy Program at CDIAP EDAI Sant Martí: promoting Comprehensive Child Development

In constant search for improvements in care modalities for users, boys and girls of the CDIAP EDAI Sant Martí, the team has developed a new program with different group work systems: Early Intervention in Autism; Parenting Skills; Behavioural and Emotional Management; Psychology and Speech Therapy groups; and Groups for Children with Difficulties in Social Communication and Social Skills.

The Early Intervention in Autism in small group format aims to enhance symbolic capacity, emotional expression, and shared play. The main objective is to promote bonding and interaction among children, as well as with therapists, psychomotor therapists, and psychologists, creating moments of relationship and shared play in a supportive environment.

The Parenting Skills group is aimed at families to provide a space for sharing concerns and receiving guidance on everyday parenting situations that may arise and to reinforce them.

Moreover, we conduct groups focusing on emotional and behavioural management. These groups are led by psychologists who accompany children and families to reduce disruptive behaviours, reinforce appropriate behaviours, and improve communication skills and frustration tolerance.

Currently, the CDIAP Sant Martí also has two groups for speech therapy and psychological intervention, addressing difficulties in both areas. Objectives include the development of communication skills, teamwork, and emotional and behavioural management.

Finally, we offer specific groups for children with difficulties in social relationship and communication, aiming to strengthen skills such as empathy, assertiveness, and conflict resolution, thereby facilitating better social integration and healthy development in these fundamental areas for child growth.