2nd EDAI International Conference

2nd EDAI International Conference. Resource Optimization in a Crisis Context: Clinical Practice, Research, and Innovation.

The second edition of the EDAI International Conference took place on May 26, 27, and 28, 2016, at CosmoCaixa Barcelona.

Under the theme “Optimizing Resources in a Context of Crisis: Clinical Practice, Research, and Innovation,” the conferences were a resounding success in terms of participation. They covered interesting and diverse topics such as music and phonological awareness, the role of neuropsychomotricity in development, very early prevention, parental stress, analysis of perceived service quality, group attention, child abuse, mentalization, applied research in development, affection, language disorders, biomarkers in premature infants, migratory grief, analysis of parent-child interactions, and innovative techniques in childhood.

Renowned national and international speakers accompanied us, including Peter Fonagy (in what was his first visit to Spain), Colwyn Trevarthen, Dolors Bassa, Albert Serra, Albert Montaner, Gemma Andreu, Benedetta Zecchi, Mercè Leonhardt, Rita Pilar Romero, Itziar Alonso, Norka Malberg, Marta Moreno, Carlota Valls, Clara Vila, Marta Arranz, Isabel Muñoz, Mireia Sala, Manel Domingo, Guillermo Mattioli, Jesús Molina, Marta Reinoso, Fernando Gónzález Serrano, Miquel Serra, Ascensión Martín, Margarita Ibáñez, Alejandro Ávila, Montserrat Palau, Jorge L. Tizón, Michaela Linder-Lucht, Montse Torras, Miguel Puyuelo, Alicia Ruiz, Nelly Padilla, Victor Cabré, Nicolás Lorenzino, Sara Soria, Ángeles Cerezo, Jopseba Achotegui, Raúl Márquez, Lopa Winters, Marc Monfort, and Elena Piñero.

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