ASD and Virtual Reality

Pilot intervention on Virtual Reality at CDIAP EDAI Les Corts-Sarrià.

In this pilot intervention carried out at the CDIAP EDAI Les Corts-Sarrià in Barcelona, the main objective was to explore the suitability of a virtual reality program to promote joint attention skills in preschool-aged children diagnosed with Autism. All participants, except one, successfully completed the intervention and expressed their satisfaction with the use of virtual reality technology. The results suggested a positive change in the joint attention skills of the participants, such as eye contact, response, or initiation of interactions.

The activities were perceived as motivating and interesting for the participants, serving as a aid to reinforce learning. These preliminary data indicate that new technologies could contribute to promoting specific skills related to social communication in an educational manner, implementing low-intensity and short-term interventions in Early Intervention services.

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