3rd EDAI International Conference

3rd EDAI International Conference. Autism, Neurodevelopment, and Mental

The 3rd edition of the EDAI International Conference took place on April 27, 28, and 29, 2022, at CosmoCaixa Barcelona. It set records for attendance and participation in the EDAI R&D Awards, the scientific poster competition.

In this edition, topics such as gender, augmentative communication systems, chronobiology, mentalization, breastfeeding, perinatal distress, care for adolescents with psychosis, neurocutaneous diseases, user experiences, evidence-based interventions, periodic outcome assessment, shared decision-making, ICF classification, social cognition, nutrition, and neurological risk were addressed.

We had the honour of having the participation of top speakers such as Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault, Sven Bölte, Leticia Asenjo, Åsa Bartonek, Guillermo Álvarez Calatayud, Filippo Muratori, Marc Coronas, Elena Abril, Rebeca Garcia, Oscar Sans, Jesús Molina, Erin Reilly, Berta Requejo, Isabel Ruiz, Mili Matarazzo, Pascual Palau, Maria Mayoral, Victoria Toffoli, Jordi Arévalo, Álex Sales, Raúl Márquez, Javier Merino, Gustavo Reinoso, Maria Gracia, Thaïs Rosal, Raquel Monllor, Irene León, Anna Chiara Voghu, Mari Ángeles Ruz, Gemma Arca, and Alicia Ruiz.

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