Leticia Asenjo and Jesus Molina participate at WAIMH’s Congress in Rome with 2 scientific posters

Leticia Asenjo and Jesús Molina presented 2 posters at the annual WAIMH Meeting 2018. EDAI was the only CDIAP in all of Spain to present at the conference, which is considered one of the most prestigious in the world in the field of child mental health.

The first poster, titled “Prospective longitudinal evaluation of clinical improvement and perceived quality in two early care centers in Barcelona” (Asenjo, L.; Molina, J) exposed clinical improvement and perceived service quality, featuring a large sample from the EDAI CDIAPs observed data. In it, various clinical improvements were assessed through a pre-post design, and the opinions of families were also analyzed. Several internationally recognized tests, scales, and inventories were used.

The second poster, under the title “Helping divorced parents with an MBT intervention approach”, by Leticia Asenjo, exposed the following data: “Divorce constitutes as one of the most stressful life events for parents and children. In Spain, in 2016, 101.294 marriages ended in divorce, and a 57% of them had children, so 57.738 children are experiencing a recent divorce actually. For parents, divorce means physical health problems, risk of substances abuse, increased perceived distress, depression and anxiety. For children divorce means psychological and educational functioning problems.” The poster showed the focus of work, in agreement with the family, which is the improvement of the conditions of mourning and recovery of the individual and systemic strengths, in order to improve the functionality and social and personal adaptation of parents and children to their new reality.